The Filibusters

L'estasi dell'Oro aka "The Ecstasy of Gold" ship's crew

Class Level XP Next lvl
Extras 5 18000 36000
Level Name Role Skill Weapon of Choice
5 Beardless Dante Leader Seamanship Chorus
4 One-eye Shelly Boatswain Sleight of Hand Violin and Chorus
3 Blunt Leopold Master Carpenter Tinkering Blunt Instruments
2 Harmony Jones Mate Harmonic
1 Fingerless Edward Powder Monkey Guitar
Attributes Score Adjustment Saving Throws Value
Charisma 11 0 Paralyze 12
Constitution 18 +3 Poison 10
Dexterity 12 0 Breath 13
Intelligence 11 0 Device 11
Strength 12 0 Magic 14
Wisdom 11 0
Hit Points Armour Class Surprised AC Firearm AC Attack Bonus Melee AB Ranged AB
57 14 14 10 +6 +6 +6
Skills X-in-6
Architecture 1
Bushcraft 1
Climbing 1
Languages 1
Search 1
Sleight of Hand 2
Sneak Attack 1
Stealth 1
Tinkering 2
Open Doors 1
Seamanship 2
Languages Known Languages not Known

Many Hands Make Light Work: Whenever they’re performing some kind of unskilled labour – e.g. standing watches, digging ditches, carrying treasure, rowing oars, etc – The Extras can accomplish the work of ten men. Even though there are more of them than that. Probably. Most of the time.

It is easier to keep count on the items they have in their inventory. 50 encumbrance points equals 300 items. Consumabels and ammo counts as 1 item in a stack, and oversized items count as 4 items.

Equipment QTY Encumbrance
Leather armor 10 N
Musket PIstol 10 Y
Cutlass, 1d8 damage 10 Y
Twelve Apostels 5 (1) Ammo
Gunpowder keg 1 (4) Oversized
Violin 1 Y
Harmonic 1 Y
Steel Pan 1 Y
Guitar 1 Y
Flutes 10 Y
Spyglass 1 Y
Total items 40/300

“Oi! Captain Reggie! Me and men were talkin’, it’s boring on the ship when you are away, we are coming with ya next time you go out, and me and men want an equal piece of the action and the treasures!”

A group of most foul mouthed and ill-fitted men and woman, armed with musical instruments and bad rhythm.

Class abilities

The Filibusters

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