Bonus Experience

Iri-Khan’s Letter

Bonus Exp (or the rewards of the Light-Drifters)

Bonus experience is dealt out in the end of session. If the reason for experience was clearly one character’s doing, that character gets the XP. If all or most of the party participated each PC gets the given amount of XP.

HOX Testataan systeemiä. Listasta voi poistaa tylsiä ja lisätä siistejä asioita. Expamääriä voidaan tuunata tarvittaessa. Systeemin tavoite on kannustaa ihmisiä tekemään siistejä asioita, joita pelaajat haluavat tehdä pelissä.

Experience Flags 1 000 exp per player per session:

Current Flags

Each player may name one concrete Action for themselves and one Action for the whole group that grant experience when performed. The experience reward can be cashed in once per session and for the group flag once per player per session. The Flags can be changed at the end of an expedition (connected series of adventures), during level up or when the old Flag is no longer applicable.

Quest Exp

Accept a quest: 500 exp

Complete a quest: 1000 exp.

Save the world bonus: 2000 exp.

Doom the world bonus: 2000 exp.

Word of God Bonus: 5000 exp.

Found Bane bonus: 1000 exp.

Completed a Personal Quest/Milestone: 2000 exp.

Overland Exploration (while hexcrawling)

1 Hex/6 miles of travel: 100 exp.

Visit a Major City: 500 exp

Behold/overcome an interesting hex feature: Varies between 400 exp.

Visit a New Continent: 750 exp.

Visit a New World: 1000 exp.

Be the first group to go somewhere and live to tell about it: 1000 exp.

Party roles

Cartographer bonus: 300 exp

Party Treasurer bonus: 300 exp (looking after party cash)

Limelight bonus: 300 exp. (give the spotlight to someone else)

Excessive snackbringer bonus: 500 exp (Cake, something homemade or similar)


Curse acquired bonus: 300 exp (picked up a curse)

Disease acquired bonus: 200 exp (picked up a disease)

Near death experience bonus: 500 exp (took death crits during the session)

Death’s witness bonus: 300 exp (saw another PC die during the session)

Sole survivor bonus: 1000 exp (only person to live through the session)

Mutatis Mutandis bonus: 300 exp (gained a mutation)

Misc bonuses

Memorable or inventive stuff I want to remember: 100 exp

Absolutely Disgusting bonus: 100 exp (something was just plain icky)

Aggressive Negotiations bonus: 50 exp (made a point with violence)

Antagonist Annihilator bonus: 100 exp (fucking owned a long term enemy)

Antagonist Antagoniser bonus: 200 exp (created a long term enemy)

Antagonist Appeaser bonus: 50 exp (made friends with a baddie)

Balls to the wall bonus: 100 exp (Pulled off some action movie shit)

Best of Intentions bonus: 200 exp (did something horrible while trying to do something good)

Child saviour bonus: 50 exp (saved one or more children)

Deja Vu bonus: 50 exp (didn’t we do this all before?)

Enmity Inciter bonus: 50 exp (Created ill-will in a dangerous being)

Fame bonus: 100 exp (Increased party’s fame)

Heresy bonus: 200 exp (Something obviously heretical happened)

Noblebright bonus: 100 exp (acted like the Good Guys for once).

Mad Inventor bonus: 100 exp (invented something interesting)

Medical Malpractice bonus: 50 exp (First Aid went horribly wrong)

Monster Infighting bonus: 50 exp (have one thing kill another)

Operator as fuck bonus: 50 exp (super stealthy dungeon running)

Puzzlemaster bonus: 50 exp (good at puzzles)

Pyrrhic Victory bonus: 200 exp (won at GREAT COST)

Riddlemaster bonus: 50 exp (good at riddles)

Ridiculously Bad Rolling bonus: 10–1 000 exp. (just fucking hit them for once guys)

Schindler’s bonus: 50 exp (humanitarian goodness)

Soap Opera bonus: 50 exp (Some crazy telenovella-tier family politics

Tactical fighting bonus: 50 exp (good tactical acumen)

Trapsetter bonus: 50 exp (Laid some nice traps)

Treasure eater bonus: 50 exp (Ate something valuable)

What could possibly go wrong bonus: 100 exp (dumb PC plans)

What the fuck guys bonus: 200 exp (did some properly creepy and/or disturbing shit)

WWE bonus: 100 exp (Multiple successful wrestles)

Why Did You Eat That bonus: 100 exp (ate something that was obviously bad)

Why Did You Touch That bonus: 100 exp (touched something that was obviously bad)

Art Attack bonus: 100–1 000 exp (made/wrote some art for the game!)

Recap Remembrancer bonus: 400 exp (Wrote a recap!)

Amputation bonus: 100 exp (had a limb chopped off)

Godmaker bonus: 100 exp (Invented your Cleric’s deity)

Horrifying realisation bonus: 100 exp (something is happening to you oh shit)

Inspiring speech bonus: 100 exp (A proper good speech)

Humiliated a scary enemy: 100 exp (humiliated a creature I thought would be a challenge.

An Hero bonus: 200 exp to next character (committed suicide, accidentally or on purpose)

Badass Backstory Bonus: 200 exp (good backstory!)

Died in your first session bonus: 300 exp to next character (self explanatory)

Famous last words bonus: 200 exp to next character (a good final line)

Amusing death bonus: 500 exp to next character (Died in a stupid way)

Lonely death bonus: 500 exp to next character (died alone and unloved)

Noble sacrifice bonus: 2 000 exp to your next character (Sacrificed yourself to save others).

Voice of Reason bonus: 500 exp (Do not do the stupid thing everyone else’s excited about.)

Genocide bonus: 500 exp (Kill all of something)

Jamais Wu bonus 500 xp (todellisuuden rakenne on muuttunut)

Bonus Experience

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