Iri-Khan's Letter

Greetings Intrepid Adventurers!

I see you have found yourselves in a very peculiar place. I trust you had much fun in the multidimensional folds of the Monolith!

However I fear that you have subjected yourselves to a fairly aggravating problem, while remaining ignorant. Would it alarm you to know that even now you have been invaded by a strange yet peculiar species of light-drifters that are inhabiting your body without your knowledge? I assure you, the thought would vex me greatly!

But fear not, my adventure-seeking friends, for I, Iri-Khan, the master of the Mystic Arts, have once again been one step ahead of you – and two steps ahead of those pesky squatters in your bodies – by taking the liberty of freeing your future life of this ailment. And as a pure gesture of goodwill, I’ve outdone even my great expectations by taking a fantastic journey through each of your bodies and teaching your new and permanent companions the value of bodily sanctity and entertainment. No longer they shall interfere with your daily lives and adventures, what, trust me, they would have done. Instead they shall reward the heroics you would no doubt perform freely by sharing their cosmic experiences.

No need to thank me, for I trust you would have done the same were you in my position. Now this is the second time I have aided you unbidden, you must be anxious to repay the debt, no? Yet there is no need to worry, for I am certain I shall be needing the help of a group of high-minded adventurers such as your good company. Altought I am still waiting for that drink I am sure you will buy me once we finally meet in person.

Oh, and one word of warning, before I again leave you to carve your own path in this world: The device you are looking for in behalf of mister Van Ooms is truly a powerful weapon, yet the price it would exact is probably more than you would willingly pay. I would highly suggest for you to devise a more creative solution to your problem, yet I am sure my warning will not prevent you from going into the Plateau.

But do mind that the Barrier prevents all magic from passing its boundary. Once you are in, it will be difficult to get out. As you no doubt already suspected.

Always your friend, Iri-Khan Master of the Mystic Arts

Iri-Khan's Letter

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