New skills

Skill acquisition: Human classes (excluding Specialists) gain 1 skill point every odd level after the first. (3, 5, 7, etc).
As of 12.11. demihumans also gain skill points, but are restricted how they are able to use them. For example, dwarves cannot raise Arcana, but can raise their attack bonus. Rest demihumans will be converted as they appear in the campaign.

Profession skill: Gained from the failed career. 2in6 chance to succeed in something related to your job.

Arcana: Know about magic. Allows nonmagic classes to cast from scrolls. Allows magic users to preserve scrolls they are casting. Failures result in casting mishaps. Magic users and Elves add their Int bonus.

Climb as Athletics: Climb is rebranded as Athletics and will also be used for swimming and other activities requiring strength and endurance.

New skills

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