Spell Research

Spell research’s done using Last Gasp Grimoire’s tables: http://www.lastgaspgrimoire.com/hogwarts-cant-save-you-now/

Following caveats apply: (UPDATE 12.11.2016)
  • Classes that don’t use Cataclysm lower or increase the spell’s level instead of of Cataclysm dice.
  • Spells that ‘can be cast from memory’ can be cast spontaneously instead of a prepared spell.
  • When rolling to learn a spell, use your highest available spell level instead of caster level. Did we agree on this?

If an entry with mentions to ‘cataclysm’ is rolled… I forgot what we agreed. Something about spell levels?

(Comments, P:) Cataclysm adjustments could be applied to spell levels instead, the only problem with that might be with higher level spells researched with a large margin to the character’s benefit – the increase in catalysm in likely to be one or two, with a considerably smaller chance of +3, +4 & +6 due to the way the roll works. If you get a spell level +6 or +3, the spell is going to be shit anyway, with a good chance of just being unlearnable or horrible stuff happening.

“Can be cast from memory” is effectively a Maleficar boon that allows for safe one-round casting instead of flipping through a spellbook, so “casting instead of a prepared spell” is probably fine, WotC-DnD-cleric-style. The spontaneous casting capstone is pretty much the same for Maleficars and traditional MU’s, making the casting to ignore encumbrance and take no action.

Halving the spell level on a good roll might work by the way of being forced to a lower level slot, and therefore cutting down versatility, but it would also have the benefit of being cast spontaneously, so go figure.

Spell Research

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