Investigate the Temple

STATUS: Completed.

The League made their way into the Temple and found the weapon. The weapon proved to be inaccurate and Petrus claimed it could perhaps be calibrated in d6 months. Rest of the League decided not to fire the weapon, but the Filibusters snuck back and accidentally destroyed all life in Australia.

According to Joop van Ooms, the Temple of the Ages That Are Not houses weapons strong enough to level continents. Surely it will have magics powerful enough to fight the Duvan’Ku? Unfortunately, the Temple’s in the middle of the Plateau of the Lost, where no one has returned from…

  1. Travel to Khirima
  2. Find a way into the Plateau
  3. Investigate the Temple
  4. Find a way to get out

Notes This one’s a hexcrawl, there will be stuff to do in and around Khirima.

The Weapon in the Temple The weapon can be used to kill every living creature in the targeted location. Supernatural creatures of HD5 and more are unaffected. The victims drop dead on the spot with no external signs of damage. The Weapon is operated psychically. Someone already familiar with similar controls can operate the weapon by passing a Tinker roll. Otherwise the weapon activates and targets a random location. If the test is passed, the user may choose to activate the weapon and try to influence its controls. Upon activation the user rolls d6 two times and a single d30. If the d30 result is less than the user’s HD or level, the user may add or subtract 1 from either d6.

The user may try to calibrate the Weapon. Without professional help this takes d6 months and allows the user to roll on the Calibrations table (see GM notes). Calibration may be reattempted and duplicate results can be rerolled.

Investigate the Temple

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